Acer Iconia W700P-6821

Windows Windows 8 Pro 1 USB 3.0 11″ Yes Yes – Bluetooth $750– $1000

The Acer Iconia is one of the newest tablets to hit the now crowded mobile personal computing platform. The iPad has long-held a stranglehold on the idea of mobile computing but now other companies, like Acer and Toshiba, are starting to come around and become viable heavyweights for the demographic. The Acer Iconia W700P is one of the sleekest mobile tablets on the marketplace and it offers a great many features that are now becoming almost required in the world of mobile computing. No longer is it enough to simply have a crisp screen and a sleek surface in order to play a few mobile games and browse the internet. Let us take a look into what exactly makes the W700P such a revelation for the platform.

At first look, the Iconia W700P resembles something from the future. The W700P is the big brother to the other Acer Iconia models with full-size ports, the A500 and A200. The design of the tablet fully embraces the idea of minimalism, which all tablets should in my opinion, and is made of rounded corners and sharp but bold colours. Probably one of the most reasonable but pleasant additions to this tablet is the backing cradle, which allows it to stand on its own, and the Bluetooth keyboard. While the touch screen is intuitive and responsive the option of a keyboard will always be my preferred choice, especially on long trips. Your wrists will thank you for this addition.

Looking past the keyboard and cradle we can see that the Iconia W700P is a fully fleshed out mobile PC. This isn’t just a vanilla tablet, it offers functionality and flexibility. The integration of an HDMI out, a standard size USB 3.0 port, and full Bluetooth compatibility means that your device will have no issue interfacing with your other technology. You could very realistically expect the Iconia to become the centrepiece of a home media set up. The tablet even plays host to built-in stereo speakers that are optimized by Dolby Home Theater enhancements. With 128GB of hard drive space, you can easily have this machine host a full library of songs and video that can be ported out through HDMI to a much bigger screen. The whole unit runs on the super efficient and more optimized Windows 8.

Even though the Iconia rocks as a home media device the tablet offers so much more. Looking at the mere specs of the machine should be convincing enough in this regard. The Iconia sports an 11.6 HD screen which makes colours simply pop off of the screen. The WP700 sports an i5 1.7ghz processor and an Intel HD graphics card. The Intel chipset and 128 MB of graphical Ram allow the Iconia can play many great games at full resolution. The cameras match this quality, as well. The rear-facing camera offers a full 12 megapixels in recording and picture taking ability. This allows the recording of HD in 720P and some great looking photos. The front-facing camera, though much weaker, still offers sharp clarity.

As a mobile device, one of the most important aspects will always be the battery life. The best tablet in the world is useless if it won’t turn on. The Acer Iconia is equipped with one Lithium-ion battery which, at a full charge, will fuel your system with up to nine hours of life. This is a great amount of life especially considering the uses that this tablet would be considered for. For me, I use my tablet while traveling, on plane rides and in the backseat of cars, and never require more than a good four or five hours at a time.

The Iconia also offers a slew of features for the more technologically minded: the AcerCloud allows you to optimize your storage by wirelessly synchronizing your effects online. The utilization of the Acer Green Instant On also allows you to start up your tablet in under six seconds.

With all of the features and power of a standard laptop, the Acer Iconia W700P manages to offer strength and mobility in one tiny package. The tablet itself fits easily in the hand, can be stashed in a small carry on bag, and weighs under 5 pounds. The device insists on being a big muscle in a little package and I can’t help but be impressed by how Acer has optimized their tablet. With how strong the W700P has been manufactured it is easy to hope for bigger things to come. I’d suggest the Iconia to anyone with even a tertiary interest in mobile technology.

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