Microsoft Surface RT With Keyboard and Cover

Windows Windows RT 1 USB 3.0 10″ Yes Yes $250 – $500

The Microsoft Surface is an awesome new tablet being put out by Microsoft to step up their game in the tablet market. It is a fantastic piece of work that can really change the user’s life because of the numerous features it has such as its keyboard which allows for speedy typing even with it being a tablet.

The device itself is extremely powerful for a tablet. It features 32gb of storage, 2gb of RAM, and a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 graphics card all built into a 10.6-inch touch screen that is easy to use, quick, and more than just a little efficient overall. Don’t forget about the extremely high-speed full-size USB connection. All of this combined makes for a fast and great tablet that is a great buy for any customer based on specs alone.

On top of its amazing specs is its list of amazing features. This tablet takes its features seriously by making sure that each and every one is not only useful to have but also that they do what they do well. The best example of this is the digital camera that’s attached to the tablet. There are rear facing and front facing cameras that allow for a simple point and click style of usage for taking a picture. The cameras are extremely high quality and excellent for taking video or simple pictures with the push of a button. Most tablets generally only feature the front facing camera which when compared to having both is a massive disadvantage.

Another amazing feature that this tablet comes with a keyboard that is usable from the get go with the tablet. While this may not seem a huge advantage to a typical tablet user it can be a great aid when creating a document on the tablet or browsing the internet searching for larger items that are often fairly difficult to type out on a tablet’s general touch screen. If the keyboard and touchscreen are not important to you, this one does not include it.

The tablet’s overall display is extremely bright and brings the vibrant colors found in movies and games to life. While there are many other tablets that can manage to browse the internet and do the number of other basic tablet tasks that this one can manage, this one does it all with a better look, feel, and sound behind it as well as enhanced speed.

The tablet is also extremely mobile due to a rather average to small size as far as tablets go and with the attachable keyboard it can even function as a decent substitute for a standard laptop or netbook. It is ideal for doing work on and then moving this work from one location to another with or without internet because of the way it functions overall and even long distance traveling and storage is easy due to the ability to separate the keyboard and screen from one another.

This tablet is overall a masterpiece at doing what it needs to do and beyond. It is a powerful device that allows for many different functions that most tablets don’t and it manages these functions at high speeds and excellent qualities as well. It is going to be a huge seller with its fair price and will certainly be named as one of the best tablets of 2014.

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