What Android OS versions support the larger USB ports?

Android OS versions are named after desserts and are released in alphabetical order. The versions of Android that support USB host within the OS are Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Kit Kat. Android tablets with full USB are usually only found in Android OS versions Honeycomb or Jelly Bean. It really comes down to the manufacturer putting the standard size port on their hardware

When it comes to tablets with full-size USB ports, Honeycomb tablets make up the majority. Currently, there are no tablets shipping with full-size USB ports that come with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and two with Jelly Bean, the Dragon Touch R10 and Prontotec 7. They’re no tablets with Kit Kat that I could find.

Android Honeycomb.

Although Honeycomb is not the newest Android OS version, it’s a rock solid OS designed with tablets in mind. It has earned an excellent reputation and is well-respected OS. It works well with processor intensive tasks such as streaming videos and gaming. Keep in mind although many tablets ship with one OS, often they allow for upgrading to the next version.

Android Jelly Bean.

Android Jelly Bean provides performance improvements over previous versions as it uses the processor much more efficiently. Because of that, you get a longer battery life as it increases CPU processing only during periods when the screen is being actively touched. Other noticeable improvements include more efficient user interaction through new camera controls, quick settings, gesture typing and multiple user profiles.

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