Riin 4GB 7-Inch Capacitive Tablet

Android Jelly Bean 1 USB 2.0 7″ Yes No Under $150

The world of mobile technology has changed drastically in the past twenty years or so. From lugging around giant clamshell phones that were barely capable of calling other, equally large, phones all the way to mobile tablets, a lot has changed. Now users expect to be able to replicate a personal computers amount of capability with technology that fits in their backpack. Enter in the mobile tablet. A tablet is a small, self-contained, mobile computer. It forgoes some functions to incorporate others. The Riin 4gb 7″ Capacitive Tablet is the latest in a long line of affordable and quality mobile tablets. This Riin model offers its user all of the features of a prime tablet while neglecting to destroy their wallet in the process. Let’s dig in deep and look at just what makes the Riin 7″ so special.

Functionality is Paramount for the Riin 7″

When it comes time to purchase a tablet you can spend a lot of your research on the different nuances that make up these devices. Whether you are investigating the different processors or operating systems, you will be finding differences everywhere you look. Instead of focusing on these differences you should take a moment to look at a device’s functions. With the Riin 7″ tablet you can seamlessly connect to the internet via WiFi. From there you are able to browse the internet, stream media and even play a host of different games. Not bad for a $50 device, right? For those that are clamoring for more storage than the 4 gigs, which is understandable, you can easily add an SD card into the mix to quadruple your storage capabilities. This is a simple way to turn your 4 gig product into something closer to 36 gigs. You will spend close to the same amount on the SD card as the tablet but that’s a whole other issue. The fact is that the Riin 7″ tablet holds up against even the ritziest of mobile tablets due to its sheer ability to actually, you know, function.

The Riin Uses Premium Components

The thing about technology is that it tends to date itself pretty quickly. Phones go out of fashion in six months, computers are out of date as soon as they are assembled, and tablets fall behind the newest models within a season. The Riin 7″ tablet is composed of premium components even if they tend not to impress next the newest top of the line models. This model utilizes the Android 4.2 operating system and it is powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz processor. You’ve got standardized USB ports for the addition of a keyboard or flash drive and you have a giant LED touch panel built into the screen. The pair of cameras that are attached to the device aren’t mind-blowing but they are sufficient enough for programs like Skype and Google Hangouts.

A Few Negative Quirks

While the Riin definitely is worth every penny of its $50 price tag it is still hard to completely ignore some of the issues that the device comes with. First off we can look at the battery life as a possible negative. For a mobile device having a huge battery is super important. Sadly the Riin 7″ will only last you about 5 hours if you are streaming media on it constantly. If you are just browsing or typing, you can probably double that number. So in that respect, if you aren’t hooked to the screen watching a movie you probably won’t notice the short battery life. The second problem with the Riin is the fact that it does not charge via the USB cord despite the fact that it has a USB port. Instead, you have to find a wall plug-in to charge your device back up to full power. In a time where almost everything uses the same sort of charging devices (USB compatible), there is no excuse for this product to not have the same sort of features. Finally, the Riin loses many of its functions when it goes into ‘sleep mode’. This means that you should not rely upon it to become your alarm clock like you would some newer tablets. These are all little things and for only $50 they are easy to ignore. If money isn’t an option, and these functions WOULD bother you, you would be better off looking at a nicer model.

The Riin, in Closing.

The Riin 7″ capacitive tablet is an interesting little device. For the price of a single dinner with your loved one, you can add a capable streaming media tablet straight to your inventory. The Riin offers capabilities and functionality that rivals some of the premium tablets on the market but for only a 1/3rd of the price. While there are some notable issues with the tablet, namely the charging and battery situation, there is still plenty to like. If you need a cheap tablet to keep you entertained on road trips or if you want something to give to your children to get them started on ‘nicer things’, this product may be perfect for you. If you want something that looks and feels high-end then perhaps you should keep on looking. The tablet marketplace is huge and rich in terms of options so you should never feel obliged to settle on a product.

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