Prontotec 7

Android Jelly Bean 1 USB 2.0 7″ Yes No Under $150

I found this Jelly Bean tablet on the Amazon Movers and Shakers page and best of all, it has a full-size USB. The tablet is dirt cheap but don’t let that fool you, it has more favourable Amazon reviews than negative ones. That tells me overall, this is a well loved little tablet. Not bad for one of the least expensive tablets in the market. I know you will love the tablet as well, as long as you keep reasonable expectations.

If you are expecting stunning graphics, loads of memory and no lag, this is not it. If you are looking at the Prontotec as a replacement for the Kindle or iPad, this is not it as well. Not for under $60 dollars.with free shipping. You probably want to step up your game and buy a more powerful tablet that will meet your expectations.

Most would describe it as sufficient but hardcore gamers and power users may experience lag and not be satisfied. Don’t be fooled, it does have horsepower under the hood as it packs a dual-core processor and will do just fine for the casual gamer. Surfing the internet, checking email and playing simple games is where it really excels.

For being the cheapest tablet with USB’s that we could find with an unbelievable price, it is surprising that most stuff runs just fine on it. In fact, it seems too quick to respond to touch and loading apps overall.

For battery life, you can expect about 3 hours, give or take. Of course, intense gaming or data processing activities may result in shorter battery times. A little less than average compared to other tablets.

The screen resolution is lower than most tablets coming in at 800 X 480. Some people have complained that you must look at the screen head-on or it becomes difficult to view. Never really had the need to look at my tablet from a left or right angle, so it’s never bothered me at all. It actually makes me feel like I have an additional form of security.

It comes with front and rear cameras with a flash which is very surprising at its price point. Also included is a Micro-SD card slot and a G-Sensor along with Wireless N connectivity. But don’t expect Bluetooth out of the Prontotec. It’s nowhere to be found.

Unlike many other cheap tablets, this one does come with Google Play Store. That means you have a large selection of free apps just clicks away.

I had fun playing some retro Nintendo games while using a USB Nintendo controller for the full experience. Just need to install an emulator to play those classic games. It also seemed to work just fine along with connecting other USB stuff around the house.

The nice thing is that a destroyed or stolen Prontotec 7 tablet won’t set you back much financially. This whole tablet is about the same price as a video game. In turn, this makes it a very suitable tablet for kids. Kids and adults find that this tablet is packing a lot of punch for it’s price. I think when you take in consideration the price and what this tablet offers, this tablet should exceed your expectations.

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